European-Journal-of-Cancer-Prevention: Expression of KLF6-SV2 in colorectal cancer and its impact on proliferation and apoptosis

    Kruppel like factor 6 (KLF6), a member of KLF family, which has classic zinc finger structure, is broadly considered to have anticancer activity. The role of SV2 variant, one of KLF6 alternative splicing isoforms has not yet been definite in the colorectal cancer.


    This study aimed to detect the expression of the KLF6-SV2 in colorectal cancer and investigate its impact on cell proliferation and apoptosis. qRT-PCR was used to quantitatively determine KLF6-SV2 mRNA expression in colorectal cancer samples, corresponding normal tissue, normal colonic mucosal cell line FHC and seven colorectal cancer cell lines. SW480 and SW620 cell models with over-expressing KLF6-SV2 were constructed. Cell proliferation, cell cycle and apoptosis were measured respectively using MTT assay, DNA ploidy detection and Annexin V flow cytometry. Meanwhile, expression of p53, p21 and Bax were detected by qRT-PCR and western blot. The mRNA expression level of KLF6-SV2 in colorectal cancertissues (0.783±0.409) was decreased than in corresponding normal tissues (1.086±0.449) (P<0.01), and expression in SW480 and SW620 were lower than in FHC, HCT116, LoVo, HT29, Caco-2 and RKO. In cell lines over-expressing KLF6-SV2, cell proliferation was markedly suppressed, cell cycle was blocked and cell apoptosiswas significantly induced. Simultaneously, expression of p21 and Bax were remarkably up-regulated, while p53 remained unchanged. Decreased expression of KLF6-SV2 may be associated with the occurrence and development of colorectal cancer.


    KLF6-SV2 plays a role as tumor suppressor by efficiently blocking cell proliferation, arresting cell cycle and inducing apoptosis in colorectal cancer, which may be related to increased expression of p21 and Bax.